CFFC Spotlight Athletes (Quarter 2, 2016): Liz and Matt Norton

Liz and Matt


Matt and Liz are high school sweethearts. They have been married for 15 years. Their only children are of the fur variety. Matt is a nurse manager at the University of Tennessee Medical Center. He is completing his Master’s Degree in Nursing Informatics this spring. Liz is currently serving as TAP Executive Master Teacher for the Knox County Schools. She has a PhD in Education from the University of Tennessee. Matt’s favorite hobby is playing Magic the Gathering. He is reining Tennessee State Champion. Liz’s hobby is bossing Matt around…oh…and Crossfit…Crossfit is also one of their hobbies.

Words of Wisdom:

“Keep your head down and inch toward daylight.”

“Failure is preparation for success.”

“I am a duck. Water rolls off of me.”

PR’s and Benchmarks:

Liz- RX’d the open!!!

Deadlift: 225

Back Squat: 155

Clean & Jerk: 115

Matt- “I like the leg stuff and I like to run.”

First CrossFit Workout:

Matt- “What was the first one I ever did? I think it had Wall balls…I probably thought…this is insane…then the next day I thought…why did I come back?”

Liz- “Box jumps!! I love box jumps! This is awesome!”


Lots of Mexican food #tacoTuesday…andWednesday…andThursday…

Favorite Aspect of CFFC:

The community…especially Bob


So many…slimmer, fitter, faster, more muscle tone, STRONGER



Most Successful Moment:

Matt- “I was super proud the first time I RX’d a metcon.” #keithsproud

Liz- “I don’t know…I have so many…it’s hard to choose. I was pretty excited the first time I got a handstand push-up, and my first pull-up. I also was super excited when I broke 200 on my deadlift.”

Advice for someone new to CrossFit:

Pay attention to yourself. Don’t judge your performance by what others are doing, but push yourself to be the best that you can be. We all started at ground zero…so its okay to be wherever you are in your journey. Just keep going.

Athlete of the Month Workout choice:

The Norton- For Time

2000 m row (Year we got married)

35 kbs (53/35) (age)

15 box jumps (24/20) (Number of years we’ve been married)

2 rope climbs (number of pets)

400 m run (just cause Matt wanted to end on a run)