Join us for CrossFit First Creek’s first competition!

We’re offering our Male-Female partner competition on August 15, 2020.

Competition Highlights

We’re offering three divisions in this competition.


For athletes new to competition, still mastering skills, and enjoying functional fitness! We’d love for you to get your first taste of competition with CFFC!


For athletes who are comfortable with most movements but don’t always Rx workouts and still have skills they’re working on!


For athletes who have competed before or are Rx’ing most of their workouts! First place in this division earns a $500 cash prize!

There will be four workouts in this competition. Three out of the four workouts will be released on social media leading up to the competition. The last workout will be a surprise and announced on the day of competition (but don’t worry, we’ll clue you in on the movement standards).



The earlier you sign up, the less you’ll have to pay. We’re starting registration at $120 per team and it will cap off at $150 per team. Keep an eye on our Facebook event for discount codes and updated pricing information.

Where is CrossFit First Creek? Where do I park?

Our box is located at 2404 Dutch Valley Drive, Knoxville, TN 37918. We’re in what the local Knoxvillian’s like to call Fountain City (north Knoxville). You can park in front of the Fox Moving and antique malls adjacent to CFFC.

What vendors will be there?

CleanEatz will be providing food, as well as Nutrishop for any supplements. Kelly Haire Bodywork and Thrive Chiropractic will be there for any physical therapy or sports massage therapy needs, and Knoxville Spine and Sport will have their CryoBus on site. US Army Recruiting will also have a booth.

Do I get merch?

Of course! All athletes who register before March 14, 2020 will be guaranteed a shirt. After that, it will be first-come, first-serve on sizes, but everyone should still get one (fingers crossed).

What if my partner bails on me?

Booo. Try to talk them out of it – but no worries! You can swap teammates all the way up until March 28, 2020, but your new partner may not get the size shirt they were hoping for.

What if me and my partner have to bail?

Sorry… no take backs on this one. We understand life happen,s but we will not be able to provide any refunds for this event. Try to get two people to take your spots! Just let us know, of course.

Huge thanks to our sponsors!