One of the great things about CrossFit FirstCreek is that we offer multiple membership options, allow drop-in’s, have a punch card system, and provide discounts to military families and first-responders.

For brand new members of CFFC, we offer our three-month membership special, which includes a three-month membership and On-Ramp classes, for $250.00. This deal applies for either L1 or L2 memberships.  Find different rates for memberships and drop-in’s on our Rates webpage.

I’ve never done CrossFit before. How do I start?

It depends! We offer two levels of CrossFit classes, Level 1 and Level 2. Here’s a basic breakdown:

Level 1 or L1 classes  (No Olympic Weightlifting)

If you’re looking for the rush of CrossFit, but hate the idea of Olympic Weightlifting, then this is the membership style for you. These hour-long classes meet at all scheduled class times along with the regularly scheduled CrossFit classes and are designed to burn fat, build muscle and increase endurance. Using body weight, balls, boxes, dumbbells, kettlebells, jump ropes, resistance bands, rings, rowers, ski ergs and bikes – each class incorporates a guided warm-up, a strength element, and a higher intensity workout. We scale all movements  (meaning, we simplify movements, drop or add weight, or adjust intensity to meet your needs) and change programming daily (meaning, you will not get bored) so that all individuals can participate, work at their own level, set their own goals and work to achieve their best fitness potential! L1 is for all fitness levels! Whether you are a seasoned CrossFit athlete looking to build your engine or have never been inside a CrossFit gym, this class is for you!

An added benefit of joining the L1 class style is that new members are not required to complete the On-Ramp program. You can begin classes whenever you’re ready. However, you can still opt-in and take the on-ramp program if you wish. 

Level 2 or L2 classes (Includes Olympic Weightlifting)

Level 2 classes at CFFC are the “traditional” CrossFit class. Every day includes a brand new workout, and can include a combination of using body weight, cardio, gymnastics and olympic weightlifting. Athletes can scale the workouts based on preference, capabilities and varying skill level. L2 is also for all fitness levels. If this is the kind of class you’d like to attend, then we require you participate in our On-Ramp program.

The On-Ramp Program: This is a three-week program consisting of six classes that meets at Sundays at 1 p.m. This is an ongoing program and starts over every three weeks. We require new L2 members to complete our On-Ramp program to learn the movements and Olympic lifts of CrossFit (the on-ramp program is optional for L1 athletes). Our coaches will work with you to teach proper form and technique. This is essential to preventing injury and getting the most out of your CrossFit experience.

If you cannot make the times for the group On-Ramp classes listed above, we offer one-on-one On Ramp sessions where you can personalize the times that you meet with the coach. This consists of six classes also and you meet when it is convenient for you.  The cost per session is $25.

Members needing to take the On-Ramp program need to email us at so we can ensure a coach is scheduled to work with you.

I have prior CrossFit experience. How do I start?

If you have prior CrossFit experience, we would love for you to come by and try a week of free classes at our box to see if we are a good fit for you! Please call (865) 776-3620 or email us at cf.fountaincity@gmail to let us know you are dropping by. If you find that you love CFFC and want to join, you can join as an L1 or L2 member (see explanations above).

Our class times are:

Monday – Friday 

5:15 a.m., 6:15 a.m., 8:30 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 6:30 p.m. (Please note there is not a 6:30 p.m. class on Friday afternoons)


8:30 a.m. Hero WOD and Free Community WOD