The Daily Pursuit

Connection-Based Nutrition Coaching 

Meet Tristan Winters! 

CrossFit First Creek highly recommends Knoxville-based nutrition business, The Daily Pursuit, led by nutrition coach Tristan Winters. Many of our CFFC athletes work with Tristan on their nutrition goals, in order to perform better and feel better inside and outside of our box. 

Who you become in the pursuit of your goals Is more important than the goal itself.

“I created my business, The Daily Pursuit, because I saw the need for an individualized & connection based coaching system within the performance and nutrition space. I was tired of many templates, generic meal plans, and training programs that were not evidence-based or backed by science leading to inadequate results, injury, and frustration. My passion for true coaching lead me to schooling, years of studying, and mentoring under some of the leading researchers, coaches and dietitians. These experiences have aided me in helping people achieve results the right way, once and for all. Now, I work with clients and athletes around the world to create individualized nutrition prescriptions and provide science-based coaching ensuring everyone has a plan that suits their own individual lifestyle.”

Tristan Winters, Nutrition Coaching Specialist – Mindset + Hormone

Take advantage of a free coaching consultation with Tristan as a CFFC member.