What People Are Saying About CFFC

“Superb place. I started CrossFit 4 weeks ago I’m hooked. I haven’t worked out for over 10 years so don’t be intimidated. The team at CFFC is great, the staff and coaches are just amazing! Truly a life changing place.”

“I have exercised regularly since graduating from high school – always at a gym or health club – using nautilus-type equipment or standing around doing bicep curls and tricep kickbacks trying to get some muscles to appear in my arms. Within 3 months of starting CrossFit, I saw lines of muscle definition start developing in my arms. 20 years of trying specifically to make that happen, and CrossFit made it happen in 3 months. I am addicted to it now!”

“Every time I step foot in CFFC I get an awesome workout, the staff is top notch and very helpful (special shout out to trainer Corey Church who rocks), and I love the people there! I attend several different class times and in each one everyone is fun, encouraging, and supportive. It’s a great group of people who push me to be better. No matter what your skill level, this is a great place to workout!”

“I have worked out at three other CrossFit gyms in Knoxville, and CFFC by far has the best facility and programming in town. I always get a great workout and even when it feels like it might seemed cramped, due to a lot of people being there, it never is.”

“I had an amazing first experience back in this building. The facility is incredible! The people are amazing! Great community! I highly recommend over other boxes in Knoxville.”

“I am new to CrossFit and was extremely intimidated when I attended my first class BUT the staff has gone above and beyond to explain modifications for me so that I get the most out of my workout. I have seen tremendous results since starting CrossFit five month ago. I have dropped two pant sizes and have lost 15 inches off my body. Overall I’m in better shape, have become stronger, and have a changed mindset on working out.”

“Awesome place to get your sweat on. Great instructors. Perfect space for intense workouts.”

“You have to put in the work and show up, but I look forward to showing up every day! Everyone is encouraging no matter where you start, and the coaches are top notch. I never worry about getting hurt. Slowly I am seeing a total body transformation. Quick fixes aren’t lasting, but this is. Highly recommend CFFC.”

“I came in not knowing anything about CrossFit, and after my first class I was ready to head back to the health club down the street, but the members and the coaches were all so reassuring and positive that I came back, and now I am hooked on CrossFit and my new community of friends.”