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Toes to Bar Warmup (No Measure)

2min Ski ERG

10x Straight arm band pull down

5-10x Barbell straight arm pull over

Kip swings (5-10)

If you have shoulder pain while doing any of these, lighten the load or decrease the range of motion. None of these drills should hurt.

Accessory work

Toes-to-Bar – January/February 2019 Skill

Every 2 min for 3 sets , complete:

• 3 Strict T2B, 5 straight leg kipping T2B, 7 bent knee + kick kipping T2B.

Scaled Options:

1. Decrease reps to 2/4/6 or 1/3/5.

2. Decrease ROM. If necessary, decrease reps as well.


Warm-up (No Measure)

1-min Single unders.

5 Spiderman stretches each leg.

30-sec Fast alternating single unders.

10 Plank-to-squats.

30-sec slow, “floaty” single unders.

10 V-sit rolls

30-sec Single-Single-Double unders. Link them if able.

1-min Bar hang.

30-sec DU practice

In pairs, get a heavy set of DBs for the framer’s carry and a light pair if scaling HSPU to seated DB press.

2 x 30-sec HS holds

Partner 1 – 100m Farmer’s carry

Partner 2 – 5 HSPU or seated DB presses


Review the workout. One person works on HSPU or DB presses until the other is done with the Farmer’s walk. They will rest as needed during that time to accumulate more reps of HSPU.

Partner Metcon

Share the Love (AMRAP – Reps)

AMRAP 20 min of:

Partner 1: 200m DB Farmer’s carry (50/35)

Partner 2: 30 Double unders


Score: Total HSPU for the pair

Partner 1 goes on the walk

Partner 2 start Double Unders then goes to HSPU, when Partner 1 returns they start on DUBs and Partner 2 starts walking


Partner 1: 200m DB/KB Farmer’s carry (70/50)

Partner 2: 60 Double unders



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