Merry Christmas to all of our CFFC Family and Friends!!
Please come and help us all celebrate the season, this Saturday at 7:00 PM. We will have lots of fun to share with you and your family and friends. BYOB and bring a snack to share. Wear a tacky sweater if you have it….. There will be pretty darn good prizes!

CrossFit First Creek – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

10 minute EMOM

:10 sec pullup hold (above bar)

:10 sec negative

1-3 strict pullups
Hold your body weight above the pull-up bar then from 10-20 seconds lower yourself to an active hang position. At the 20 second mark attempt 1 strict pull-up. If you can do 1, attempt another. 3 strict pull-ups max. Time cap each minute will be :30 seconds.


Clean pulls+hang clean (5×3+3)

Perform 3 clean pulls from the floor then 3 hang cleans

12 minute cap
We should see carry-over from last week. Strong pull off the floor, no jerking the barbell. Drive your hips to the barbell creating contact. Practice on bar path creating muscle memory in the first pull. The next piece is hang cleans. You can power or squat these, your choice. Create power on the barbell with the drive from your hips, big shrug, pulling yourself underneath the bar. Practice, practice, practice. Max out week will be here soon!


Metcon (Time)


Front rack lunges (105/65)

Box jumps (30/24″)

7 minute cap
This workout is a sprint. Each lunge step counts as 1 rep. For you OCD people, yes you will do 1 more rep on one leg than the other. Due to space limitations lunges will be in place. Box jumps are high so be smart.

Cool down

5 Rounds:

:12 second hollow hold

:10 second V-ups

:08 rest


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