10 minute Alternating EMOM

Even: Inverted Rows (:20 max reps)

Odd: :10 sec pull-up hold –> :5 sec L-Hold –> :5 sec active hang
Aiming point on the inverted rows is the bottom of the sternum. No measure on the gymnastics


High Hang Squat Clean + Clean Pull

3×3 High Hang Squat Clean


3×5 Clean Pulls at 80-85%
Hang squat cleans should be unbroken. Increase weight on each set. You will have a 2 minute transition to load your barbell for the clean pulls. On each pull, drive the barbell up keeping your elbows high and outside. Your wodify score will be the heaviest set on your hang squat cleans.

Metcon (Time)


Burpee Over Bar

Power Snatch (75/55)

Calorie Row
Choose a weight where it is possible for you to go unbroken on each set. Intensity is everything. Go make it happen!


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