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Handstand Push-ups (8×4)

EMOM 4 reps x 8 minutes

Every rep is a negative

3 sec count down, get in your good launch position you worked on last week. and explode up from the hips. Your shoulders should just assist and balance, and of course lock out at the top. Every rep should be perfect. 32 total reps in 7 minutes and some change. Use a deficit if you are proficient at HSPU or go strict. Remember the 3 sec negative on every rep.

Scale to push-ups and a 5 sec negative on every rep.


Metcon (Time)

6 rounds

12 DB Hang snatch 6/6 (50/35)

6 Lateral burpee over DB

12 Toes to bar or rings

3 rope climb or 6 strict pullups


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