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Toes to bar practice (10×12)

EMOM x 10

8-12 toes to bar
Try to stay consistent with your reps. If you know you can’t hold 12 per minute start with 8 and if you feel good try to hit 12 the last 4 rounds or so.


Metcon (Time)

2 rounds: (with a partner)

60 wallballs (every 30)

50 American Swing (25)

40 push jerk (20)

30 cleans (15)

20 burpee box jump over (10)

10 muscle up
The number in parenthesis is the number your partner must complete before you can switch the work. For instance, on the 60 wallballs, partner 1 must complete 30 reps before partner 2 can begin working. Partner 1 can absolutely perform more than 30 reps in a row, just no less. Muscle up can be bar or ring. Jumping will be the first scale, strict ring pull-ups next scale,

Accessory work

Warm-up (No Measure)


4 sets for quality:

30 yd KB overhead walk

20 yd HS Walk (3 wall walks)

20 yd broad jumps

20 yd KB front rack carry
KB work is done with 2 kettle bells.


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