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Warm-up (No Measure)

Jog Down and Back

Then Play Mailman/women

Using wall balls as the Mail the Mail(person) must deliver each piece of mail to each customer, customer has to hold Mail in the bottom of a squat. Once all Mail has been delivered Mail(person) swaps places with first customer and returns Mail to the post office. Then delivers mail again, until each person has delivered the Mail.

Accessory work

Muscle-Up – January/February 2019 Skill

Complete 8 rounds of 10 sec hold @ top of rings, 20 sec rest then 10 sec hold @ bottom of rings, 20-sec rest. Each round consists of both movements totaling 8 total minutes.

• Ensure the arms are fully extended at top. Hands and elbows should be next to the body (external rotation).

• The shoulder should be below the elbow at the bottom of the dip. Again, elbows should be “in and back.”

Scaled Options:

1. Use a dip bar.

2. Feet assist (as little as possible) with either straight bar or rings.

Note: no bands for this skill work.

Coaches Video:

Partner Metcon

Metcon (Time)

The Burn

Split reps however you like.

6 Rounds for time of:

30 Burpees

20 DB Shoulder presses (35/25)

4 Rope climbs



• Scale burpees to 20 per round

DB Shoulder Press:

Scale to load that athlete can hold with full elbow lockout overhead and load which athlete can execute 10 reps in row during warm-up. If athlete must lean back to execute lock out or can only “flash” the weights through lockout overhead, have them decrease the loading.

Rope Climbs:

1 Rope climb per round

3 Half climbs up the rope

Scale to pull-up bar assisted rope climbs where 6 reps = 1 rope climb



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