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Neg.: Front Squat (6×3)

Build to a heavy 3 reps. Again, we’re building time under tension so this week when you unrack the bar time starts. 5 second front rack hold, 5 second negative, 2 second pause in bottom position. Research suggests that strength is built from time under tension in the eccentric phase and the concentric phase. Today we will happen to hit both of them. Tall spine, elbows high, breathe!


CrossFit Games Open 16.3 (AMRAP – Reps)

AMRAP 7 minutes

10 power snatches

3 bar muscle-ups

Men use 75 lb.

Women use 55 lb.
The open is fast approaching. We will begin to retest open workouts up until the first of February. We will choose open workouts based on our week of programming. Today is 16.3 and if you don’t remember how painful it can be you will surely know by the end of class.Go hard from the beginning. Lets see if we’re more fit than we were 9 months ago! If you’re in between RX and scaled, based on the Crossfit modifications, our RX will be:

Every 1 Bar mu=2 chest to bar=4 pullups.

You are allowed to switch it up mid-workout. Say on round 3 you start failing MU’s, 2 chest to bar is 1 muscle up. Whether you keep bar muscle up or switch to pullups each round is only 13 reps.

CrossFit Games Open 16.3 Scaled (AMRAP – Reps)

AMRAP 7 Minutes

10 power snatches

5 jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups

Men use 45 lb.

Women use 35 lb.


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