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Warm-up (No Measure)


2 Rounds of:

• 15 Banded pull throughs

• 25 ft. Bear crawl with straight legs

• 10 Box jumps with step down

• 25 ft. Low bear crawl

For the low bear crawl, back remains flat, shoulders and hips are parallel to the floor. This variation of the bear crawl is much more about control than speed.

1×10 Press-Ups

1×10 Deadlift w/ empty barbell

3×5 to build to workout weight

1×10 at workout weight

Shoulder Pre-Hab

2×10 Shoulder taps

• These may be performed facing the wall or on a box from the knees/toes.

1×5 HSPU as athlete intends to do in the workout

Gymnasty Linda (Time)


•Deadlift (1 BW)

•Handstand push-ups

•Box jumps (24/20)


•Deadlift (1.5 BW)

•Strict handstand push-ups

•Box jumps (30/24)

PRACTICE (BAR MUSCLE-UPS) (30 Reps or 10min work)

Accumulate 30 repetitions or spend 10 minutes working through any of the following:

Bar Muscle-ups or attempts

Banded Bar Muscle-up

Jumping Bar Muscel-up


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