Metcon (No Measure)

Rowing Intervals

6×400/350 meters

Every 3:00
6 sets of interval sprints. Men row 400 and women row 350.

Bench Press (8×2)

Build to a heavy 2 reps and do 8 sets at that weight. You will do one set every 1:15 to ensure plenty of time for our EMOM’s.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

8 minute EMOM

15 Wallballs

6 minute EMOM

12 Toes to bar
There will be no rest between EMOM’s. A total of 14 minutes of continuous work. If 15 wallballs and 12 toes to bar are too much for you scale the reps. Each interval of work should only take about 30 seconds. Once you do not make the desired reps in the minute, it then becomes an AMRAP for the remainder of the 8 or 6 minutes. Score will be total number of rounds completed prescribed. Go kill it!


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