CrossFit First Creek – CrossFit


Bench Press (6 sets of 4 @ 65-70% (maintenance) )

1 set of bench press every 2:00

**superset b/t sets of bench press**

Complex of:

1 toes to bar

1 pullup

4 sets w/o coming off rig

This is designed for you to dial in your kip and body awareness. If you don’t have toes to bar into a pullup without swinging all over the place, do 10 kip swings to really dial in the kip and master the basics.


Metcon (Time)

Sprint metcon: light and fast w/ partner


Row calories

Burpee over bar

Power snatch (75/55)

*partner 1 complete 9 cals, burpees, & snatch – then partner 2 completes the round*

**women’s calories 6-9-12-9-6**

RX+ 95/65 barbell
20 minute cap


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