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Snatch (10×3 1 set every 1:15)

3×3 light touch and go power snatch; 40-55%

7×3 snatch (1st rep parallel snatch, 2nd rep low power snatch, 3rd rep high power snatch.) Again, 60-70ish.

Feel your hips. Let the bar float. Catch it higher in the snatch each rep for the last 7 sets. All the powers. On the first 3 sets, it can almost be a muscle snatch. Perfect form throughout. It’s not about the weight yet.


Metcon (5 Rounds for time)

5 rounds each for time:

12/8 Cal bike sprint

10 Pullups

15 Deadlift (165/115)

Rest 2:00 after each round
Each round is a go. Seriously push it on the bike and see where it goes. Try to go for an unbroken deadlift. Choose weight accordingly.


15/10 Cal bike

15 Chest to bars

15 Deadlift 205/135

Rest 2:00


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