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Overhead Squat (5×4)

4 sec descent, 2 sec pause in bottom of squat. + 10-15 lbs from last week.

*If mobility is an issue in your over head squat, then treat the next 4 weeks as a time to improve shoulder, hip, ankle mobility. Be smart about weight loading this lift. Again, move well, no egos.

Feet flat, bottom back, shins vertical, shoulders torqued inside out, press up on bar (don’t let your shoulders get lazy).


Metcon (Time)


Hang power clean (115/75)

Box jumps (24/20)

150 Double unders (unbroken)


Push jerk (115/75)

Toes to bar
No rest between sections. An appropriate scale would be 15-12-9 rep scheme or lighten the load. 20 minute cap. The open starts Thursday. The 150 unbroken dubs is a joke…. LOL. Just get through them!


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